Vintage 1970s Era Dyno Surfboard By David Nuuhiwa 7 4from  Huntington Beach, Ca


Vintage 1970s Era Dyno Surfboard By David Nuuhiwa 7 4from  Huntington Beach, Ca

Up at auction is a vintage, 1970s era, Dyno Surfboard by
David Nuuhiwa. This board is from Southern California, Huntington Beach to be
exact. The board's tail section is a single-fin, single-wing, diamond-tail. The
wings are located 6 inches up from diamond-tail. The entire board was colored
in an opaque green (the color is best described as a guacamole-green). The deck
is separated from the rails by a blue pin-line. 
Lightning Bolts are built into the pin-lines (see photograph).  Each side of the board has the classic Dyno Hawk
laminates (see photographs).  The Dyno
laminate on the deck measures 7 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

With the tail
and nose pulled-in, this board has a very distinctive Southern California “gun”
shape.  The outline and shape is very
impressive.  This board was used, and because this board is over 40 years
old, it has a few pressure marks, minor stress marks at the fin box, and some old
repairs.  The pressure marks are expected, and are
from normal use (never abused).  The repairs are all minor,
nothing major.

This board is completely watertight and is void of the
following conditions: no sun tanning, no fading, no open dings, no de
lamination, no soft spots, and never buckled.

For additional information on the legendary David
Nuuhiwa, please Google his name, or visit 

SPECIFICATIONS: Stinger Model, single-fin, single-wing, diamond-tail;
7’-4”x 19-1/4" x 3”

NOTE: Free pick-up available. No charge/fee
for a local pick-up.

will ship with Fed-Ex to the East Coast for 110.00. NOTE: price includes a new
surfboard box and bubble wrap.